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Suzhou Mount Laser Instrument Co.,Ltd located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu province,100km far from Shanghai. 

Mount Laser is a leader in manufacturing Tripod, Tribrach, Adapter, Prism, Prism Poles and other GNSS/GPS accessories.

At Suzhou Mount Laser we are committed to ensuring the highest quality.

With a factory of 8000 square meters and over 100 staff .We are able to ensure control from die casting, machining, injection moulding, painting through to the final assembly.

Our products are exported throughout the world.

Keep the quality high as the mount !



Suzhou Geoleni Import & Export Co.,Ltd No.2 Jiayuan Road, Xiangcheng EDZ, Suzhou, 215131, China. Mr. Mike Yuan + 86 - 181 1813 6656 Mountlaser

Factory :

Suzhou Mount Laser Instrument Co.,Ltd Dongqiao Town, Xiangcheng EDZ , Suzhou ,215131, China. +86-512-65903960 +86-512-65903960
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